An Invitation

When I was a kid, riding a roller coaster, without screaming, and finishing with “well, that was fun” (insert straight face here) was the epitome of maturity and dignity. I would hold it together on the outside while being full with amazement, thrill, and some fear combined (pleeeease, don’t tell my sister). So it is with mined and our relationship to our students. I think I can give off a vibe of normalcy when I discuss the connection to our students, but inside those same feelings from the roller coaster are right at the top of my emotional cup.

Tonight, I connected, via skype, with Lyn Bishop of Sauti Moja, the Canada/ Kenya/Tanzania based organization. Through them we have met some of our students we support. She and her husband, Tim, have just returned from a trip to these African countries. They wanted to share with mined the things they learned about the women in their schooling programs and how we could continue to work together in the future. For example, shortly, we may begin helping one of the graduating students associated with mined set up her own business (insert straight face, maturity and dignity here). We can’t say much until the details are confirmed but we will tell you nanoseconds after we know.

Until then, we will enjoy the invitation to ride, screaming out loud because I can no longer contain the bit of fear, but mostly amazement, thrill and joy. Plaster a smiling face here.


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