Beaming Green

As a new season of Going Green With Your Sewing Machine is starting up again this fall, I want to stop and reflect on the summer of students that were.  What an amazing group of people!  They make me proud.  Here are some of the reasons.

Many of the students taking the summer camp classes were experienced sewers. They knew their way around the studio,and had an established relationship with me and their classmates.  The few new people were welcomed by the returning students with openness and warmth.  No one was left out.  Everyone was included in jokes, memories, and new experiences. Each one of you worked together to make a place where others felt accepted.

One of the classes was interviewed by the Cambridge Times.  The ladies who participated in the discussion were again open, and expressed a healthy pride in their word.  As a teacher, it was rewarding to hear what each student gets out of their accomplishments in the sewing class. You carried yourselves with class.

What brings me the greatest amount of pride is watching each of these ladies demand even more from themselves in terms of their work habits and excellence.  Work that once would have passed as good enough would find that same young lady taking out stitches and trying again until she was satisfied. No longer asking the teacher if it was good enough; asking herself; finding the standard within oneself; identifying that voice that tells us we have given our best.

We have started into the fall, together, ladies and gents.  It is wonderful to have so many of you back again to enjoy sewing and continue our relationships around the sewing table.

[A special thank you to Ashley and Emily.  Your four years of working with us in the Going Green class was appreciated.  You brought sunshine into our class with your humour and smiles!  Best wishes in your careers.  Keep in touch.]