Credit card wallets with individual style stitched into each piece. Made from upcycled leather couch samples.

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Stylish elegance in an overnight bag.

Excitement reigns from working with Kevin on this gift for his twin’s 50th birthday present. It is fantastic to realize his vision and balance that with our unique esthetic. One obvious result, and are both thrilled, the custom handles, straps, and closure accents hand made by mined using the natural vegetable tanned cow hide. Such a delicate and feminine addition to this strong and timeless piece.

Made from the car coat of their father and the Danier Leather Jacket of their mom, it all came together in time for them to celebrate half a century together as twins.

Happy Birthday Kim and Kevin! To 50 more fantastic years!



Much like our lives the little bits of seemingly nothing add up to something surprisingly beautiful.

Happy Monday!

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ALUMNI UPDATE: Kefilwe (Sweets) Morutimang –

Kefilwe studied for three years at UNISA through a bursary from mined reCREATIONS from 2007-2009 leaving her studies behind for a personal calling on her life to be a sangoma. Here is her update:

“We could not find a nearby day care for our kids. My twin, Kefiloe, had just finished her early childhood course. We decided to open a small day care. We wanted to use the spare room at home to accommodate not more than 12 children but by March the demand grew. We expanded to 40 in total.

My sister and I opened the center officially beginning of this year (2016). We have a full time teacher and one weekend teacher. Kefiloe is the principal. I manage and teach the seniors (5yrs old) in the morning for an hour and a half. Plus I cook each day before I leave for school. I head off to my own studies at around twelve each day.

Its just a small business we run owning it 50 :50. It is running very smoothly as my twin and I work well together.

While I haven’t said much to you I am still registered at school and studying bit by bit.”

We don’t know the path of those we have been chosen to help. That is shown to them. And as it is revealed those who have been blessed with the ability to give are silenced into awe.



Grad Joyce 1Grad Joyce 2Grad Joyce with her parentsGrad Joyce and momma selfie

We are thrilled to announce Joyce has graduated from her four year Psychology program at Midrand Graduate Institute AND we have the photos!

Congratulations to Joyce, and her very proud parents, on this very prestigious accomplishment!




Spring ShotSpring is that time of year when we say, “It is finally here!”, because the flowers are up & WE ARE HAVING OUR 2nd ANNUAL OPEN HOUSE AND SALE! We pride ourselves on sharing our newest ideas with long time customers and our supportive community, Cambridge, Ontario.  We have our newly designed Little Peat, our women’s Collier Overnight Bag, our Slope Bag, and all of our styles like mini bucket bag, trench coat Bord and Pillar Tote, miner crew shaving kit, and possibly a sample of our our new tablet cover Ready for you to view!

April 8th and 9th  |  Friday 12noon to 9pm  |  Saturday 10am to 5pm

You will find directions to our studio on our Contact Page



U of Winnipeg logo

We are excited to introduce you to our newest student, Lisa Strong. photoLisa attends the University of Winnipeg studying Urban and Inner-city Studies and Rhetoric writing.
We met her through Tania Cameron (who we met on twitter, but that is another story). Tania is a member of the educational council of Lisa’s band and knew of her post secondary funding needs first hand. 
Lisa was part of the ’60s scoop, making her way back to Canada and her people, the Ochiichagwebabigonining F.N., at age 13. [If you would like to read about the scoop click here – The Canadian 60s Scoop]
She returned to school after 25 years receiving her high school diploma at urban circle then moving on to conquer university. She is presently in 2nd year and is successful in her studies.
Lisa is a mother to two while coping with serious health issues. After learning all of this about her life, and understanding how challenging university is, we are now referring to her as Ms. Strong as strength is just one of the amazing character traits we have discovered so far.
Welcome, Lisa. We are so proud to have been allowed to participate in your post secondary school experience.


A collection of one of a kind ideas to items that are handmade and truly the only one that will ever exist.

Monday to Saturday 10 to 9pm | Sundays 10 to 6pm | Thursday, December 3rd 10 to 11pm


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We are honoured to be invited back to the juried show held annually as a fund raiser for the Latchem Gallery.

November 12th to 15th | Thursday 6 to 9pm | Friday 10 to 9pm | Saturday 10 to 5pm | Sunday 10 to 4pm



When I was a kid, riding a roller coaster, without screaming, and finishing with “well, that was fun” (insert straight face here) was the epitome of maturity and dignity. I would hold it together on the outside while being full with amazement, thrill, and some fear combined (pleeeease, don’t tell my sister). So it is with mined and our relationship to our students. I think I can give off a vibe of normalcy when I discuss the connection to our students, but inside those same feelings from the roller coaster are right at the top of my emotional cup.

Tonight, I connected, via skype, with Lyn Bishop of Sauti Moja, the Canada/ Kenya/Tanzania based organization. Through them we have met some of our students we support. She and her husband, Tim, have just returned from a trip to these African countries. They wanted to share with mined the things they learned about the women in their schooling programs and how we could continue to work together in the future. For example, shortly, we may begin helping one of the graduating students associated with mined set up her own business (insert straight face, maturity and dignity here). We can’t say much until the details are confirmed but we will tell you nanoseconds after we know.

Until then, we will enjoy the invitation to ride, screaming out loud because I can no longer contain the bit of fear, but mostly amazement, thrill and joy. Plaster a smiling face here.



As a new season of Going Green With Your Sewing Machine is starting up again this fall, I want to stop and reflect on the summer of students that were.  What an amazing group of people!  They make me proud.  Here are some of the reasons.

Many of the students taking the summer camp classes were experienced sewers. They knew their way around the studio,and had an established relationship with me and their classmates.  The few new people were welcomed by the returning students with openness and warmth.  No one was left out.  Everyone was included in jokes, memories, and new experiences. Each one of you worked together to make a place where others felt accepted.

One of the classes was interviewed by the Cambridge Times.  The ladies who participated in the discussion were again open, and expressed a healthy pride in their word.  As a teacher, it was rewarding to hear what each student gets out of their accomplishments in the sewing class. You carried yourselves with class.

What brings me the greatest amount of pride is watching each of these ladies demand even more from themselves in terms of their work habits and excellence.  Work that once would have passed as good enough would find that same young lady taking out stitches and trying again until she was satisfied. No longer asking the teacher if it was good enough; asking herself; finding the standard within oneself; identifying that voice that tells us we have given our best.

We have started into the fall, together, ladies and gents.  It is wonderful to have so many of you back again to enjoy sewing and continue our relationships around the sewing table.

[A special thank you to Ashley and Emily.  Your four years of working with us in the Going Green class was appreciated.  You brought sunshine into our class with your humour and smiles!  Best wishes in your careers.  Keep in touch.]




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Today, I had the opportunity to celebrate International Women’s Day in a unique way. I listened to my friend and mentor, Jill Summerhayes, speak about the many experiences she has had in her life – difficult and interesting – and how they taught her valuable life lessons.  Here is what I gleaned:

  • Being honest and forthright may be immediately painful but will be worth it in the end [she also added an anecdote that would lead one to believe having impeccable timing with honesty is also valued]
  • If you make a mistake, and you learn something from it, most people are prepared to forgive you.
  • Know that you can recover from change.
  • Choosing to serve in the community is for the benefit of others; so a place may exist where they many flourish, reaching their full potential.
  • If one is entrusted to care for someone – love them to death.
  • Know when to let go.
  • Naive optimism is brilliant as long as you are surrounded by those who are informed.

Jill also spoke of her sweet, deceased husband Stuart.  He was her partner visionary; her partner in dreaming. He helped her to see the need for change and assisted her in doing something about it. Stuart was Jill’s biggest cheerleader as she brought new ideas to her community. I do believe Jill Summerhayes is onto something here.

Many times, the fight for women’s rights seems like a cause only females are standing up for.  Today, the UN is acknowledging that equality for women can only come when men and women stand together.

Introduce yourself to the work of the UN as it endeavours to affect significant change for women around the world.