What is mined reCREATIONS?

Why Mined? In 2006, when I met the Marimba Kids from the Soweto area of Johannesburg, South Africa, I connected with 6 young female members of the band (the band was made up of 26 children ages 14 to 18 years) and their personalities touched me. In speaking with these young women, I saw a chance to blend my passion for design and my drive to save the environment, with my desire to create opportunity for the economically challenged young people of the world. By giving new life to old fabrics and accessories in our handbags, satchels, duffles, memory pieces, mittens, and hat designs, and by contributing a portion of the proceeds of sales to scholarships for these engaged and already successful students, mined reCREATIONS could provide the funds for them to attend post-secondary education and experience the doors which it can open. A portion of the sales from each mined reCREATION is used to pay for an economically challenged student to attend school (elementary, vocational, or college/university).  They are not “single story” people. They are interesting people with complex and wonderful lives.

Mined reCreations Products