Kefilwe Update – January 2017










ALUMNI UPDATE: Kefilwe (Sweets) Morutimang –

Kefilwe studied for three years at UNISA through a bursary from mined reCREATIONS from 2007-2009 leaving her studies behind for a personal calling on her life to be a sangoma. Here is her update:

“We could not find a nearby day care for our kids. My twin, Kefiloe, had just finished her early childhood course. We decided to open a small day care. We wanted to use the spare room at home to accommodate not more than 12 children but by March the demand grew. We expanded to 40 in total.

My sister and I opened the center officially beginning of this year (2016). We have a full time teacher and one weekend teacher. Kefiloe is the principal. I manage and teach the seniors (5yrs old) in the morning for an hour and a half. Plus I cook each day before I leave for school. I head off to my own studies at around twelve each day.

Its just a small business we run owning it 50 :50. It is running very smoothly as my twin and I work well together.

While I haven’t said much to you I am still registered at school and studying bit by bit.”

We don’t know the path of those we have been chosen to help. That is shown to them. And as it is revealed those who have been blessed with the ability to give are silenced into awe.