December 5, 2015 marks the 10th anniversary of mined reCREATIONS. Ten years of creating one-of-a-kind handbags, satchels, totes, and duffles…all from recycled clothing. Ten years of relating with each of you as you express your personal taste, your views on what makes the perfect bag, and the personal tales of your lives. Together, we have funded the post-secondary education of seven women, and the elementary education of one boy.

It has been a wonderful decade. As we move forward, we also look forward to talking with you about where we are going, and how best to continue working toward a world where every child has access to education.

mined: create, relate, educate #minedCREd #minedis10

We are celebrating our 10th anniversary throughout the year and will be posting our highlights here.

February 3rd –U of Winnipeg logo

We are excited to introduce you to our newest student, Lisa Strong. photoLisa attends the University of Winnipeg studying Urban and Inner-city Studies and Rhetoric writing.
We met her through Tania Cameron (who we met on twitter, but that is another story). Tania is a member of the educational council of Lisa’s band and knew of her post secondary funding needs first hand. 
Lisa was part of the ’60s scoop, making her way back to Canada and her people, the Ochiichagwebabigonining F.N., at age 13. [If you would like to read about the scoop click here – The Canadian 60s Scoop]
She returned to school after 25 years receiving her high school diploma at urban circle then moving on to conquer university. She is presently in 2nd year and is successful in her studies.
Lisa is a mother to two while coping with serious health issues. After learning all of this about her life, and understanding how challenging university is, we are now referring to her as Ms. Strong as strength is just one of the amazing character traits we have discovered so far.
Welcome, Lisa. We are so proud to have been allowed to participate in your post secondary school experience.

Queen's Donation 2015

December 15th – Queen’s University Alumni represent the largest group of connected persons who have purchased memory bags. In recognition of this ongoing relationship (as we have more jackets waiting in studio now to be transformed), and mined’s commitment to funding tuition fees of the economically challenged, today we are excited to announce a one time special donation to the Queen’s Student Assistance Fund.

Thank you to each Gael for your trust…placing your treasured coat in our hands; allowing us to transform it into something new.

We can change the educational horizon for each student in need. Together, we can work toward every person accessing affordable education.


December 5th – We are excited to announce that each mined reCREATIONS collection piece and memory bag, during our 10th year, will include a hand made zipper pull. We have engaged a group of Haitian women, living in the diaspora within Dominican Republic, to hand make each piece using recycled pop boxes. The funds from the order of zipper pulls helps to feed their children and the people of their community through the small business venture called H.O.P.E. (helping other people eat).