Miner Kit Green Oil Skin Twill

$ 348.00$ 368.00

Size: 17″x12″x3.5″ Handle: S,M,L

Multi material design with one exterior zippered and open pockets, 20″ zipper opening to access technology, 35″ zipper opening for packing, interior zippered pockets, two appliqued pockets, technology pocket (size of the bag), key clip and napsack rain coat clip, lined in Viyella twill shirting.

Additional $20.00 for strap alteration to Small (S) or Medium (M).

Don’t forget to view the strap measurement guide on this page and chose your strap length if customization is required.

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Strap Measurement Instructions

Determining Desired miner kit (Nap Sac) Strap Length

Ifnap sac you have a nap sac that measures the same depth as our miner kit (16″), with a strap length you find comfortable, measure the strap on your bag. Use this measurement for your strap length when ordering your nap sac miner kit style mined recreation.

If this is your first time ordering a nap sac, which is worn with two shoulder straps, please refer to the photo. Using a measuring tape begin at the top of the back, at the centre of the shoulder, and measure around the shoulder, down the side of the chest, and meet the lower point of the bag near the lower back/top of hip bone (making sure you are respecting the 16″ depth of the nap sac). The number on the tape measure is the measurement you should look for when deciding if you require a small, medium, or large set of nap sac straps.

(Please order the strap length based on where you will wear the bag. The photo and location of measurement is for illustrative purposes only.)