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Joanne Jones, Designer, mined reCREATIONS

Joanne Jones, of mined reCREATIONS, is an artist “in the jeans” and has always had a flair for fashion. Memories of hugs from parents dressed in denim have led to Joanne’s attraction to the fabric loving its warm touch and approachable aesthetic. It is Joanne’s desire to instill this warmth into every mined reCREATIONS handbag. Joanne creates one of a kind handbags inspired by the elements of cubism, the desire to create a really great purse, and her stewardship of the planet. Her company is driven by her compassion for young people in developing countries in need of funds for education. Her enthusiasm for the creative process leads to a unique finished product. All mined reCREATIONS accessories are handcrafted from reclaimed garments, and benefit young people in economically challenged countries; essentially breathing in new life to create something wonderful.

Olive, Our Marketing Specialist.

As of December 31, 2016, Joanne Jones, through the sale of mined reCREATIONS handbags, has donated approximately $107,000 to the education of young women and men in developing nations. Successfully, the company supported Kefilwe until her completion of third year university at UNISA in South Africa (through the Soweto Youth League), and Tsepong, a young woman from the region of Maputsoe, Lesotho, at the university level (through the mission Rachel’s Home, Cambridge, Ontario). Currently, mined reCREATIONS is sponsoring the educational costs of a young boy, Yusuph, at Imani Nursery and Primary school in Arusha, Tanzania (through Mom2Mom Canada Africa, Cambridge, Ontario), three young mothers through vocational school in northern Tanzania, and Joyce, 2nd year Bachelor of Psychology, Midrand Graduate Institute, South Africa. There are many more to come (Tsepong, alone, has 66 brothers and sisters through the orphanage family into which she was adopted). Each bag holds a story (read the “I use to be…” tags attached to each handbag). After you purchase a bag it is up to you to give that story many more chapters.

mined reCREATIONS: where the past is the future.

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